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Bullets Keggfarms Private Limited was adjudged the first prize winner, under the Livestock Category, at the Bihar Innovation Forum II Competition, 2014
Bullets Keggfarms Kuroiler Case Study Adjudged a Winner at the ACCESS Sitaram Rao Livelihoods Case Study Competition 2012
Bullets Keggfarms KUROILER Case Study has been adjudged as one of the best submissions received as part of the Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition 2012
Bullets Recognised R & D establishment by Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (GOI)
Bullets Winner of the first MARICO-BUSINESS WORLD- 'INNOVATION FOR INDIA AWARD' 2006, for social contribution by a business organization. Jury headed by Dr. R.A.Mashelkar DG, CSIR found the impact of Keggfarms' work comparable with that of Sam Pitroda's.
Bullets Keggfarms' unique example of social entrepreneurship a case study at Harvard Business School Jan '07 and June 2008. Fifty MBA students and alumni of HBS visited Keggfarms in January 2008 to study the Keggfarms model in depth. HBS students vote Keggfarms as a preferred employment destination.
Bullets Keggfarms' story the lead case study at 'Amatheon 2008'- the largest South Asia Business schools Agri-business gathering, organized by IIM Ahmedabad in January 2008
Bullets 68 Senior Executives from 34 countries pursuing Global MBA course with TRIUM - London School of Economics, New York University- Stern School of Business and HEC School of Management Studies, Paris, visited Keggfarms in October '08 to fully understand this work. The Keggfarms story was termed by Dean M. Mulford as "fascinating and inspirational"
Bullets South Asia Pro Poor Livestock Policy Program (FAO & NDDB) identifies Keggfarms rural poultry program as a sustainable intervention & is undertaking documentation for National & International policy platforms and programs. Identifies Kuroiler as the 'Bird of Hope' for poor rural households.
Bullets CII recognition for Keggfarms social contribution & innovation through presentation of unique work at CII Innovation Summit, Bangalore & CII Leadership Summit Delhi, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
Bullets GOI nominates Keggfarms as resource organisation for Govt. sponsored rural poultry programs by various states. Keggfarms is the only organisation to meet the requirements of state govts. in the required numbers
Bullets Keggfarms collaborates in SGSY program with Uttaranchal Govt. for rural poultry development
Bullets Planning Commission acknowledges Keggfarms dominant role in socio-economic thrust in the national rural sector-2005
Bullets NABARD quotes Keggfarms rural poultry model as an ideal production system
Bullets The Royal Govt. of Bhutan approves Keggfarms as the only source for supply of village and egg type stocks from India
Bullets The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University is working with the Kuroiler model for replication in Africa, Latin America and in some states of the USA.
Bullets 'The Economist' magazine from London in a special report on entrepreneurship, showcased Keggfarms as a successful company with the purpose of feeding India's rural poor. (March 14th 2009)
Bullets Chairman of Keggfarms, was the only invited speaker from the livestock industry worldwide to address the briefing of the G77 nations at United Nations Headquarters in New York as a successful example of poverty alleviation through humane animal husbandry and animal welfare practices. October 2009.




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