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Mr. Vinod Kapur, an engineer by education from the Loughborough College of Technology in the UK, rose to become the Country head of Swedish Match in India (WIMCO) and then turned an entrepreneur. He set up Keggfarms in 1967 and became its full time head in 1973.

Vinod Kapur's contribution to Rural Poultry development is widely recognised today as a major tool for poverty alleviation and income generation in deprived rural households in India. His work has led to a sustainable business model as it creates rural entrepreneurship, micro enterprise and provides substantial supplementary income in the hands of economically depressed rural households, especially women. As one of the senior most members of the poultry fraternity, he is actively involved with working groups and committees of Government bodies and international agencies for policy formulation and dissemination of knowledge with regard to rural poultry.

To Vinod Kapur also goes the credit of introducing the concept of high quality branded table eggs as a differentiated product. 'KEGGS', the brand under which these eggs have been introduced are rapidly emerging as a preferred product for discerning consumers. 'KEGGS' now sells in Greater Delhi and would be introduced to other metro cities in the near future.

The other passion that drives Vinod Kapur is his love for Hindustani classical music, which he shares with other music lovers by hosting traditional 'Baithaks'. These Baithaks not only are a source of enjoyment to a very large number of music lovers, but also provide an enabling environment for senior but lesser heard artists and young talent to be heard and appreciated in Delhi.

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