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Main activities - Research and Development, Production and Marketing of 'Rural Specific' poultry stock.

BulletsKeggfarms was established in 1967 and its vision was in consonance with the National
Objectives of
  • Augment the National food basket.
  • Employment and income generation opportunities in poultry sector.
  • Enhance affordable protein food availability.
BulletsKeys to these objectives were then qualified as
  • Availability of high performance poultry stocks.
  • Availability of balanced feed.
  • Availability of adequate health care.
  • Housing and Husbandry practices to support high yielding poultry.
BulletsGenetic Breeding was pioneered by Keggfarms in India, a process which was later taken up by other breeding companies/organizations. Keggfarms' vision recognized the benefits of acclimatizing imported stocks and genetic lines to Indian conditions. Stocks thus acclimatized, soon began out-performing exotic introductions.

BulletsAs the process of poultry development continued, economic considerations became dominant in charting course of development. Main factors were:
  • Production efficiency.
  • Access to mass consumption markets.
BulletsThese engines of growth dictated terms which pushed poultry production into the pale of industrial activity. More and more sophistication in genetic quality poultry stocks, finely balanced feed, intensive health care inputs and bIo-security, large capital requirements, economy of scale, support systems and techniques, all contributed to development of capital intensive production centers around large urban/metro markets.

BulletsBetween the early '60s and year 2000, India became the fifth largest producer of eggs and a significant producer of broilers (meat).

BulletsThe original goals of poultry development aimed at empowerment of the rural sector did not materialize. Tremendous gains in economic terms took place but the rural population played virually no part in production and only marginally benefited from the availability of Broiler chicken and eggs. 75% of the country's population which is rural, remained outside the ambit of the poultry production/ consumption model that emerged on the pattern of poultry models in developed countries.

BulletsThe New Village Chicken.branded KUROILER - 1991-92 saw Keggfarms take stock of this course of events. Priorities and goals were redefined and Keggfarms addressed itself to food security and poverty alleviation at the rural householder level through village poultry.

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